What a hoot

So Bill Gates does not want to be the richest person in the world; such rot Bill so sell get out, I think quite a few would be pleased if you did;And does not wish to become a politician; I think I have heard it all now. You can still go and enjoy yourself who’s stopping you? And A$65 Billion ($50 Billion in US Dollars is an awful lot of cash. Donate it to needy folk and for Gods sake don’t ever enter politics has anyone approached you yet? Because they will as sure as God made little green apples trust me and then you will really be classed as a ratbag; Are you absolutely sure that you have never made a large contribution to a political party; I do believe you have, so you don’t wish to get into politics Where big money is made and yet you donated to the Republican House speaker and his Democratic counterpart and ah yes here we go Senator Mike DeWine from Ohio received $9 grand from you not big bickies for you but I am wondering why and now with this statement of yours; yes something is rotten in the state of Denmark I think if you can recollect Shakespeare at college. Well well things are looking up Microsoft employees donated more than 50 grand to Bushes’ campaign and more indeed a 100 grand to the Bush-Cheney inauguration Committee and some to the farcial recount. Hm I know that in the USA this is done as it used to be that way here but I would hazard a guess Bill you are surely thinking of some political job still I could be wrong I’m just a dumb Aussie that buys your rubbish. Mind you it would appear that all this is quite legal, most likely a tax dodge as well but I reckon myself you think you are destined for higher things myself. In the last three US electoral cycles (1998, 2000, and 2002), Microsoft’s soft money donations have favoured Republicans over Democrats. I mean in 2000 alone $1.313.384 was for the Republicans against $876.792 to the Democrats; covering your rear here Bill and now this statement of your’s I reckon you want a cushy little number possibly even as an aide in the white House but that’s a sheer guess on my part. But one does not make a statement like you did just off the top of your head.

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