The far side

Man goes from doghouse to tree house Gayadhar Parida, 83, moved into a makeshift treehouse after he and his wife disagreed about a "tiny issue" in the late 1950s. And there he has remained, disdaining both his son and grand-daughter's weddings. "We quarrelled over a tiny issue and that is why he left me and promised not to live with me and return home until his death. I have tried a lot and attempted to force him to come back, but he has refused all the time," his wife said. Going a tad far I reckon sticking it out through cyclones etc; what about a bath hell? Then there’s a bloke who was charged $1600 for a beer, silly bastard. Something wrong there I reckon and I have to pay almost $4 depending where I buy it; thank goodness I hardly touch the stuff lol. Another bloke who surely needs his head looked at here as well I reckon he lives in east Georgia and landed in jail after photographing his healthy plants and going to local drug store to have the pictures developed. On par with the beer bloke lol. This ones a beauty a lady who has been filing law suits as she claimed she was a Paraplegic came undone when she was arrested she leapt from her wheelchair and ran like hell; would have like to have seen that takes all sorts I guess in this crazy world we live in today, truly a miracle. Some folk mind are just plumb sadistic so this schoolgirl got her Mom to bake teacher some cookies with the help of two friends full of laxative; I bet there was a run on toilet paper when teach ate them not really funny as a whole box was used to lace the cookies. What about the little Bo Peep Perp lol A homeless man from Little Rock Arkansas, arrested for taking out the garbage with a sheep in it; still in the circumstances the guy was only trying to get a feed; anyway all you animal lovers the said sheep was returned to it’s pen so don't panic but. Judge Blames ADHD for Wrongful Arrests I reckon this here Judge is in deep doo doo having eleven people arrested for going to the wrong courtroom, reckons he’s horrified by his action and blamed it on attention deficit hyperactivity disorder oh dear. This ones a beauty a guy in Philadelphia pled guilty to a charge of sending weapons of mass destruction to a surgeon who he reckoned botched the job with a penile enlargement procedure, seems he was unhappy with the result. Did it get cut in half I wonder? Lol.

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