Aussie troops may remain in Iraq

February 12, 2006 NEW Defence Minister Brendan Nelson has given the strongest signal yet that Australia's troop deployment in Iraq may continue longer than expected. Australia's 460 ground troops are in southern Iraq's al-Muthanna province protecting Japanese engineers. Of course this could be changed if our opposition actually gets elected and I doubt it will with the charisma of the leader they have at the moment; which is not to say that the electorate is with Honest John as it is not, but as I explained once before in a previous post with our system of preferential voting it is not who gets past the post first they can come in last and still get elected and possibly into government. I understood that the opposition leader said if elected he would bring the boys and girls if there are any there home if he got in but to leave a contingent in Afghanistan; The SAS our special forces for folk who are not in the know are there I know indeed I saw an article in one of our newspapers making much of the poor equipment they have there; surely Mr Nelson you will put that at the top of your list? Indeed it should be done already; to me that is a disgrace still maybe it is why you are the new Defence Minister so do the job right mate will you we have special forces depending on you; their LIVES depend on things like this. The images on this post are courtesy of the Australian press by the way.

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