The latest from the Middle East is not encouraging

Reading the latest news about Iran is not encouraging to say the least; I just hope it does not turn into another Iraq as in a war I mean; we are all I think sick of the war in Iraq which was invaded as we all know now for nothing really than a feeling of power, I suppose one could say; and the loss oh human life on both sides of the conflict is horrendous and is going up not down. Now we are hearing about Iran and their nuclear build up; which yes I deplore of course. But what about North Korea? It seems to get swept under the carpet then; frightened to offend China and the North Koreans it seems to me. Like ah we can deal with Iran just like Iraq; not true and the sooner the western world wake up to that fact the better It seems even Google is frightened of the Chinese. It seems to me we have a united nations to do all this so called global police work and not the USA and its cohorts. Maybe then the USA could be better managed than it is at the moment; look at their health care programme ah yes they haven’t really got one have they; their citizens would be far better off if they did have one instead of waging war with all these tin pot countries; keep their military as a defence force just like ours is supposed to be; but is not of course it is to busy sticking our noses into things that don’t really concern us unless it is close to home. Is Iraq or Iran close to the USA? Of course it is not Time will tell I suppose and the Quatrains of Nostradamus are they actually true? Well I myself am not so sure they are but they could be

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