Cell or Mobile phones and other laws

Well we all know it is dicey to drive and talk at the same time and like this article mentions it happens in a lot of Countries including Australia. But I do like this aspect of the Premier of Ontario with his statement we can’t have laws for everything. Here I suspect it is not so much for safety as for the revenue it brings into the various state coffers. One only has to look at the police or a cabby even an Ambo although there are usually two of them. Not always with a Police officer as they often drive on their own and use that two way radio they have. This guy at least seems honest. On another subject of Drink driving yes well another story completely especially in Queensland Australia, Now this happened quite close to where I live and at one time I did live very near there; to be fair I think our Police on the sunshine coast at least are pretty good; if this event had happened in New South Wales well yes I could have understood it much better as all they are there are tax collectors for the state, which is not to say I approve of Drunken driving because I don't. They are not all bad look at this image To my way of thinking the police service in NSW has changed a lot over the years and I guess the same could be said of their Qld colleagues; it is not them so much as the governments in both states that need to change; and after reading that article in the Toronto Star I think some of our governments here should take out a subscription for it; good on yah Mr Dalton McGuinty who is the premier there.

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