Warlike Afghanistan A sorry affair

It seems that there has always been war in this country and it is still going on; surely it is time to actually stop all this I mean here we are in the twenty first century and we are now involved; it has it seems been going on for thousands of years; and what do we do carry on after the last invaders the then USSR; just look at a few of these simple facts. This Persian King Darius 1 conquered the country and so it has gone on right down to the present day It's my belief it will never end there and now I read of even more foreign soldiers going there the Canadians have sent a 2000 odd contingent along with Americans, Australians (I have an ex son in law there at the moment), Brits Dutch and Romanian troops. I can understand to some extent why G.W.Bush and the rest went there obviously because of the 9/11 attack he saw red I guess. Also we did liberate the place from the Taliban and alsoAfghani Moslem woman. However the loss of life on all sides is shocking and the UN were only negotiating in the early eighties with the Security Council in which the USSR vetoed their vote of course; what's new there? It is my belief this struggle there will never end; even the USSR pulled out in the end. It is a sad thing to say really and I certainly feel for these unfortunate people but I think we have to seriously weigh up whether to get out NOW. They do of course have an official website The history of this land as I said has been warlike for thousands of years and we will not fix it in my opinion. I recall my Father telling me once as a boy quote " East is East and West is West an never the twain shall meet" unquote and I reckon he had a valid point but it is far too late now as we have met intermarried etc; The web site of Afghanistan is very interesting as far as their history goes, Surely there has to be a better way of solving this?

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