A good job we have a free speaking press

The usual b/s about the Australian Wheat Board exposed just look at this honest character we voted in to lead our government. People please wake up. THE Australian ambassador to the United States lobbied Congress to drop an investigation into allegations that Australia's wheat exporter paid kickbacks to Saddam Hussein's Iraqi regime. The Federal Government confirmed last night that the then ambassador, Michael Thawley, met the chairman of a US Senate investigations committee in late 2004 to head off the planned inquiry And to think that it is now 2006.. And it gets worse as they all try to cover up and fail, Politicians the world over are a breed not to be trusted I mean look at this quote "Senator Coleman's committee at the time was launching investigations into several companies and individuals accused of paying kickbacks to Iraq in return for lucrative oil, food and equipment contracts. With the information that AWB may have been paying such kickbacks, the committee began negotiating with the company's US lawyers to obtain internal company documents" unquote the lies roll off their backs like water from a duck's. Folk who truly believe in such inane b/s need their heads read methinks. The Americans are just as bad as us in the political arena it would appear; hopefully this one will not go away; it might just topple the little joker from his far too lofty perch we like fools have placed him on.

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