The Lost World of New Guinea (Indonesia)

Expedition discovers dozens of exotic new species of frogs, butterflies and palms in southern Papua Remote mist-shrouded jungle called `as close to the Garden of Eden as you're going to find on Earth' It appears that soon after scientists landed by helicopter in the mist-shrouded mountains of one of Indonesia's most remote provinces; they stumbled on a primitive egg-laying mammal that simply allowed itself to be picked up and brought to their field camp. It seems it was like a lost world even two local natives found it peculiar and were not aware of it's existence. There were apparently large mammals that have been hunted to almost near extinction in other places. They also discovered dozens of exotic new species of Frogs Butterflies and new species of vegetation. Of course at the moment the area which is large 500.000 Hectares? (1 235.52691 Acres) is off limits and which has the status of a wild life sanctuary will soon be discovered by the wood hungry nations; What happens then is anyone's guess of course as both China and Japan will be needing timber in the not to distant future. Above is a Lyre Bird and it seems they saw new species who even did their courting ritual in front of these folks as it seems they had never seen a man before. and also Frogs similar to this one was discovered so I read. Ah yes and also types of Palm trees never seen before. And a golden type of Kangaroo. My father told me yarns like this when I was a boy and some of it was true as even back then parts of New Guinea were being discovered and very primitive; it seems the old boy was right as I used to laugh but now look at this! amazing huh.

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  1. It was not a Lyre bird it was a Paradise Bird a new species my silly fault sorry folks.