Passing the Buck once again

AN AWB executive at the centre of the oil-for-food scandal was exposed at the Cole inquiry yesterday for trying to blame the Howard Government for the massive kickbacks the wheat exporter paid to Saddam Hussein's regime. AWB general manager of international sales and marketing Michael Long said the approval of a government official for talks with "Jordanian trucking companies" had provided the "necessary comfort" for AWB to pay transport fees. of course the onus really rests upon this bloke a one Mr Lindberg this report well after reading it the mind boggles it really does at some of the excuses rendered. AWB's chief admits deceit January 19, 2006 AWB agreed to pay bribes to corrupt Iraqi officials, deciding that it could explain the deals to the Howard Government after the Iraq war, according to evidence before an inquiry into the scandal. Senior counsel John Agius produced an AWB memo outlining a plan to pay more than $US2 million to a man who would later become the Six of Hearts in the US's pack of cards of "Most Wanted Iraqis", and to discuss it with Canberra. It looks very murky to me if this report is anything to go by; very murky Millions here again are mentioned but do our hospitals get fixed of course not nor will they. Isn't it about time Mr Howard us pensioners had a rise in our pharmaceutical allowance? I mean here you are allowing millions to be used as bribes and forget us is it; we are just the simpletons who put you where you are man. And this is the guy with all the excuses he looks on the spot I guess; Mr Lindberg no less. I don't feel sorry for him either in fact I am wondering if he recieved any thing in the way of a ( yes I won't say it) I do think all who read this have got my drift.

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