UN urges US to close Guantanamo

I myself think it is time Camp X-Ray (now called Camp Delta) as it was first called at the US Navy Base at Guantanamo is also closed; my thoughts on the Iraq struggle have been mixed but these prisoners are not even awarded the status of prisoners of war (POW) no Geneva convention applies here. Of course if one was caught by the Iraqi Secret police then I do believe things were horrific or so I have read. Iraqi secret police wired for torture April 14 2003 A secret tunnel leads underground from the main administration block to a prison where exposed electrical wires run from wall sockets to a bench in the interrogation room. The walls of cells which housed up to eight prisoners are scribbled with prayers and calendars indicating time spent inside, written in Arabic, Hebrew and even Chinese. Solitary confinement is standing room only and shared with toilet plumbing. The small bathrooms, remaining blankets, prison garb and plastic buckets are filthy. Plaster and paint is peeling off in large sheets and all around are posters, paintings and murals of former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein. The name of the Secret Police who ran this for Saddam Husein was called the Mukharabat also akin to the western worlds intelligence services and apparently if you were a westerner or even somebody that spoke out of turn you were then imprisoned to a slow death according to these reports; No Geneva convention applied here either it was ignored just like a certain enemy now an Ally did in the Pacific war; now that is a clue surely. All the same The United States is really guilty of the same thing and now that bunch the UN are sticking their oar in but this time they do have foundation for their ire. And if with hindsight a certain gentleman with allies he got on side had listened; then it is possible that from the western point of view the loss of human life plus this disgusting business with in my view POW"s would have been nowhere near as severe as it is and still an ongoing problem. Some inmates have been at the prison more than four years UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Louise Arbour has said she sees little alternative to closing Guantanamo Bay. She said she doubted the US judicial system could undo the damage already done, with some inmates having been there for so long.

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