Israel and Hamas

RAMALLAH, West Bank (Reuters) - Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh will be the next prime minister of the Palestinian Authority, the Hamas official due to take over as parliament speaker said on Saturday. "Hamas has decided that Ismael Haniyeh will be the prime minister for the next government," Aziz Dweik told reporters in the West Bank city of Ramallah ahead of the swearing-in of the parliament. The worrying thing especially for Israel is what will this Palestinian authority do as regards their remarks about Istrael?this Authority was spawned from a terror group run by Yasser Arafat called the PLO or Palestine liberation Army he was also the first representative of a non government invited to address the UN General assembly and also armed with a side arm left in the lobby according to to a report I read; this occured in 1974 and amazingly this terror mob were granted special observer status in 1975 despite his threats towards Israel. It transpires there were talks with the Government of the United States resulting in an office for them in Midtown Manhattan; I did know some of this as did a lot of others, but I did find it incredible then as now. The United Nations Security Council chamber echoed Monday with a barrage of resounding opposition to Israel's principle decision to deport Palestinian President Yasser Arafat was not taken well at the UN who actually critisised Israel for wanting him removed after suicide Bombers wreaked their usual havoc in Israel. It turns out that the PLO helped the USA in Beirut; President Ford thanked them publicly over their help. This in my opinion still does not give them licence to attack Israel; ok so Israel has gone to war over it but then so have a lot of us gone to war and a lot of the excuses was never proven. Israel is in an entirely different position than our troops in the Middle East. All the same would you want this happening to you in your street or road? I don't think so. I know I would not.

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