A very nice surprise

I had a great surprise on Monday and Tuesday even although I knew about it. My Sister came here for a visit and brought her Hubby for a change as she usually comes here on her own from the UK; the Picture of them both was taken at a lookout just before entering the village of Montville up on the Blackhall ranges. It seems they had been to Agra in India and Hong Kong then here to see their daughter in Sydney and then on up to the Whitsunday's, then back to Sydney (Bondi beach). after a few days on to Wellington in New Zealand for a few days, Fiji for a few days and then a two day stopover in LA on the way back to London. On their last night on the sunshine coast my daughter cooked a beaut Barbecue at Maloolooba beach; My son only saw them very briefly maybe 5 minutes and then it was pure chance; not that it mattered. Maybe it cost us all a little more but it was worth it.

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