Follow up to Telstra

And I believe every word I was told I got the info in an e-mail and have only changed or deleted another company's name We had a lot of trouble with Telstra and our phone bill so we changed everything over to another company and have had no trouble since. We were getting charged for calls to overseas destinations when no one was in the house all day and they said someone must have been in the house to make the calls. When we told them that my daughter worked all day; I was in Victoria at the time; well you must have given the keys to someone so they could get in was the reply;they had an answer for everything it seemed;. Eventually we gave up. When we changed to another company the accounts from Telstra this other company checked a couple of the numbers for us who lived there. Two days later they rang and told us they had tried to ring the numbers and no such numbers existed. One was in Africa and was for $38-95 and one was in the USA for $65-28. So you work that one out. We have been with this other company for a few years now and had no trouble at all. Telstra has had its own way for so long and they were getting away with blue murder and no matter what you said they would tell you if the account wasn't paid they would disconnect the phone and our name would have been on the bad debt list so what could you do but pay up. They knew they had you over a barrel. my daughter has just put dinner in front of me so take care, Anon Take a tip from this Australia and give Telstra away and as regards this letter strange things like that have happened to me with Telstra way back when it was the PMG Department; and trust me that was a long time ago.

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