Australia's strange underground world Binomea

The small city of Orange, in the Western Plains of New South Wales, Australia, is best known for its thriving fruit orchards and its reputation as the hometown of Andrew Boyle "Banjo" Paterson, the composer who wrote Waltzing Matilda. Little do local residents realize it but, about 200 metres (660 feet) below the intersection of Byng and Anson Streets, is a large cavern that may be linked to Binoomea, the world of the Aborigines. I myself have been to these places and although aware of a vast underwater sea was never aware of this. The website is well worth reading I assure you Giant reptiles it seems live there and are a huge version of our Goanna lizard I do mean huge by the way Just imagine coming face to face with one of these only six metres in length (twenty feet) instead of the usual one metre and smaller version's as well. Even the reputed Komodo dragon only grows up to three metres. As shown here. Now don'’t get confused here as I realise we do have monster Crocodiles but they can only live in the Tropics and the far north at that. Ah we are a peace loving people and will not subject tourists to these monsters lol; so still come and visit.

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