Which as far as I am concerned means The Evil Larrakins Seeking To Railroad Australians. Telstra staff battle for jobs Michael Sainsbury FEBRUARY 24, 2006 TELSTRA has effectively sacked two entire marketing divisions, forcing about 100 employees to reapply for their positions. All marketing staff will have to compete against outside candidates for their jobs through headhunters Hudson, as the company moves to a new sales and marketing structure. Telstra consumer and marketing group managing director David Moffatt told his department competition would be "very intense and very aggressive", Telstra sources said. Explaining the program last Friday, Mr Moffatt told staff the process was "spill and fill". "It is amazing how poorly they are treating people that they call valued employees," one Telstra marketing executive told The Australian. Not just employees Mr executive subscribers as well. Well here is a little story about this almost private telephone and internet Provider Company that may amaze you, it did me. Almost a year ago they sent me a bill for internet services under the big pond name; just the monthly bill so I paid it. A few months down the track they billed me for that same period again; you might say an oversight; you may be right but I think not.I found the original in the end with the receipt and was credited. I made enquiries and found it had happened to other folk I know. Well that is my first whinge. Next up I thought I will change internet providers so I found out that big pond was on a list saying they would honour transfers to other companies so I went ahead because one reason was five free addresses of a fifty Megabyte allowance for each one against Bigpond'’s lousy twenty Megabyte allowance and no extra addresses unless you paid for them. Out of curiosity I phoned Bigpond or Telstra and asked if there was a fee involved with a transfer their response was oh about seventy dollars. When this bill came in it was for $256.00 not seventy as quoted; rather a large hike I thought picking up the phone and querying it I was asked to wait and a few moments later the young lady on the other end said just pay $60.00 it will cover it; this I did and got an official receipt. Well that was my second whinge. About three weeks ago I was sort of asking around as my phone plan with this bunch of crooks is $ 29 and some, and I heard there was a cheaper plan; so I asked them and was told oh yes the cheapest is $18 per month OH I said please make my account like that as from now. Got the bill in today $32 I haven't made a call this month either; I queried it and guess what because I moved some but not all of my phone services to another company I don'’t get the cheaper one but did they tell me that of course they didn'’t. My advice to all Aussie's is drop Telstra like a hot coal they are THIEVES I have dropped them in all my phone transactions now.

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