Garbage that is orbiting our planet

This Junk listed below has been orbiting our planet since 1957 which is when the Sputnik one was then launched by the then USSR now called the Russian Federation. Since then it has worsened; I have often wondered why there has not been a collision in outer space so it is on the cards to happen one day. Just look at Skylab which was simply allowed to plunge into Western Australia by NASA whatever their claims to the contrary; that it missed most of it was a bonus for us here in the Southern Hemisphere. NASA may say oh no it was never intended that way; but I and a lot of folks had their doubts at the time. Of course then there was the Pieces of a Russian one that came down in Canada and had a nuclear reactor on board of some kind. The then soviet union were not forthcoming to pay the clean up bill which was $6 Million but in the end paid $3 Million. I dare say we are just as guilty of adding to this debris as is the Japanese. look at the fuss when Mir came down and that was (so the story went) held together by string and chewing gum. Here she is plunging to her doom a great picture I guess.

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