Cane Toads in Australia

These pests introduced from Hawaii by settlers and with the best of intentions are now spreading at an alarming rate, down to New South Wales and west to the Northern territory and some I believe have been found in Western Australia to the north; They will eat almost anything. Pet food is the favourite it always seems to vanish; they are also very toxic; I do know from experience that if you bash them really hard with a shovel or spade they seem to die; they don't ok it only stuns them. I got most of my info from here but I knew most of it already as do most Australians. There is a comical side as well as up here in Queensland our Rugby league football team are known as the Cane Toads mainly when playing their grudge series against New South Wales; they are known as the Cockroaches lol. Funny really as both States get these creatures; I am not a natural born Queenslander and lived most of my Australian life in New South Wales and they usually win; I am too long in the tooth to change allegiances now; So I guess I'm a Cockroach and we win too lol. .All the same that Cane Toad is a nasty looking brute. It also kills our native wildlife at an alarming rate; Still maybe someone will come up with something to eradicate them permantly both of them I hope.

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