Well it seems I have to go down town AGAIN

It appears I have to go down town again to yep you guessed it the Doctor once more; feet are fine just some tests I had done and was asked to go down the other day, I did and said they came back early he said yeah well they do at times so I asked on the phone about this business and the answer was they had not come in. Ok you might say it is free for you there why worry; well if they all did what this guy is doing we will end up paying for it believe me. There has by the way been quite a few Doctors here convicted of Medicare fraud; this may be genuine I like to think so as he is a real pleasant feller. Still it gets me off the computer for a while and out into the fresh air; briefly of course, house, car drive park doc car and home lol. Ah I might do some sightseeing in the local mall and that’s it.If only they all looked liked this I guess a guy wouldn't mind so much oh well.

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