All this is quite beyond me honestly

But it does seem Microsoft is as greedy as ever.

All this suing is all beyond me I just don’t understand all this but it seems to be getting worse at Microsoft since Gates departed HE HAS LEFT I PRESUME.

A greedy man if ever there was one although we have had our share of them in Australia one bloke whizzed off to Spain in a big hurry but after what most Australians thought were deliberate delaying tactics by the Spanish died before we could arrest him.

Back to Microsoft I have noticed they were not adverse in putting a Microsoft FireFox browser on the market with Gates big ugly mug on it you notice.

One has to purchase it of course and if you decide to buy it [DON’T] you will lose all your bookmarks or favourites.

I am now wondering why FireFox don’t sue them, I can recall when Java sun did and won the case.

Perhaps if and when the Military is recalled from Iraq [no chance sadly of that yet] they could go bomb the crap out of the former Gates empire like do a 9/11 on them or something.

Oh did I say former empire well yeah I did but he must have mucho shares in the place he’s not that much of a fool surely nah never thought so.

Look out Redmond WA the Green Beret’s are on their way. Lol.

I have often wondered about using a different operating system on my computer’s but number one I am not sure, two my son puts me off thirdly I don’t know how yet

I must look into this in a serious manner I reckon and see what the go is.

The thing is sadly I like office 2003 [I shan’t bother with the 2007 edition] power point and excel.

There is a free office I know but I just don’t like their format what’s a bloke to do who knows.

I tell you what I did notice one time and that was a lot of viruses were coming from the Redmond area food for thought.

I’m off to check all this out now I think while its still fresh in this aged mind of mine

New Zealand Herald

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