War Crimes Lawsuit Filed Against Rumsfeld in Germany

Will he be brought to justice?

Personally I don’t think so as I see it the President of the USA carries the can.

He should of course it's his job as Head of State

I also cannot see the Republican Party allowing this to happen or the Democratic Party for that matter.

It does not look good for America and on the whole none of us want any American ridiculed in such a way; he bloody well deserves it of course, I for one would never turn my back on him.

I don’t want a knife thrust in it is why.

Big purges at the White House not only Rummy either hopefully for the better but who knows with the corruption that has gone on under the Bush Regime

Of course there is a lot more to this than meets the eye such as Rumsfeld’s successor one Robert Gates a meek looking individual if ever I saw one.

Be warned he in fact is directly responsible for the terror groups Al Queda and the Taliban.

He was in fact appointed as Director of the CIA by Big Daddy H W Bush who thankfully only managed one term at the White House; sadly for America and the world his son is still on his second and last term as the POTUS but not legally in my opinion democratic elections should never be decided on a court of law.

It will be interesting I think to see if this charge against the former US Secretary of Defense holds water.

He was warned about all these shenanigans.

The name Boykin crops up a real lot in all info I have read on this.

General Boykin is whom I am referring to who often spouted forth on various world leaders and even went so far as to announce that God had appointed President Bush he even went so far as to say he was not elected by a majority of the American voters.

He sure got that bit right as the whole world knows sadly.

This was brought to my attention by an e-mail friend of mine in my country.

I did read a little about it on here.

At the same time mind you the Army has committed terrible tortures on the so Called enemy who as yet have to face a trial do you think it fair I don’t.

Lieutenant General Ricardo Sanchez under oath denied all this but a document the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) obtained from the Pentagon flat out contradicts Sanchez’s testimony.

On March 30, the ACLU wrote a letter to Attorney General Alberto Gonzales

The problem is, Gonzales may himself have committed perjury in his Congressional testimony.

All of these events can be traced back to the White house.

Bush had to have known about this surely Rumsfeld did.

All we need now to square things a little is for Americans to ensure they vote in a Democrat in 2008 as the next POTUS and get back their self esteem, I think I speak for most of the world here.

Sadly here in Australia if we get a change of Government our relationship with both Governments will not be good in fact it is hanging in the balance now.

I am talking governments here and not ordinary people.

For all that though the Democrats must have one of their own as the next POTUS

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