I meant to do this yesterday but I got a bit tied up

Well I went out to the library had my hair cut what little is left of it got my beard trimmed. Got home pretty late and thought I would see if a lady I write to in WA was awake as I know she likes playing online games; yep she was soooooo we got playing and we chat as well and every now and again she will type Hmmm; lately she has been doing it a lot and one night I recall asking her what she meant by it she just dead panned and said it’s a brain fart, course this got us both laughing a bit; I won’t mention all the conversation but I more or less threatened I was going to blog it and she so cutely typed noooooooooooooo so I thought why not just as a tease She’s been a bit tired lately [ what an understatement that is she is always tired ] course we both laugh. Mind you she has some very good traits she bakes and sends cookies and other tucker to the troops in Iraq; Afghanistan as well I think. Helps folk out a lot runs a scout troop I think. Very community spirited is my friend and opponent, and there is not many of them left in this world now. I am now wondering if I have lost another true friend by blogging it but I hope not Hmmm oh gosh she’s got me doing it now LOL

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