Is Taser death a cause for alarm?

Well in this country because of a much smaller population than the USA on which this fear was based on I’d say it’s a very low risk. The New South Wales Police Minister is it seems concerned over the death of a Teenager shot dead with a stun gun at the weekend but has assurances by his senior Police Officers regarding their use and it is only a trial it seems HOWEVER An Amnesty International report in March found at least 156 people had died in the US in the previous five years from stun guns. The teenager in question only shouted the words **I want Jesus** would not acknowledge the police who approached him but was shot twice with this gadget. The Police however have a lot to put up with and I have read it is much worse in America not that I ever witnessed any of this type of thing when I was there last. From what I have seen on TV and read in news reports I know it goes on a lot in the USA and I guess this is the reason the NSW Government wish to try it as it is happening here all too much these days. My view is we should at least trial it as we too have had shameful incidents regarding death by a firearm here also and in New South Wales as well; It is obviously nowhere near as fatal as a Bullet either. Featured image is a Phaser gun as used on Star Trek. SMH **************************************************************************************************

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