Cricket Australia versus the Brits for the ashes battle

A change of habits for me.

A few months ago on one of my shopping expeditions I popped into my favourite shop or store which most of us here call the disc man in fact it’s really the disc shop.

A little gadget caught my eye watching your TV on your computer whilst working well I have to admit I never did much work at first.

I promptly forgot about it for a very long time and then I thought well my favourite game is being screened against the old enemy cricket of course.

I am still dinking with this and have managed to capture a few pics but it seems that it is possible to capture portions of it in mpeg format; I will fathom this for sure in the end.

This device is actually very small as can be seen here just click on all images they will be fairly big I hope!!

At the moment it keeps closing after a few minutes very annoying maybe I should get another I will check.

This feller here has all sorts of stuff but please remember the prices are in Australian dollars so if you are American it is a waste of time comparing prices to your dollars as our cost of living is higher hence we get paid more to compensate.

A hundred bucks here is very small feed here.

I notice it has gone wrong again but I will just re install it when I feel like it no when I have the time.

Enjoy the images especially the English fans lol.

So I was fed up last night with this dam computer so I actually installed my TV in my bedroom (my son has my portable one will I ever get it back Hmm)and watched a 4 hour long movie first time in well over a year I have done that.
Matter of fact I am having one hell of a job to post this according to one computer Google is not working so I tried on another one which at least let me save it.
I am now wondering if it is the new FireFox browser as it seems to be ok on Opera ah well I will soon find out I guess, still after a good 2 hours I dam well hope so.
Big straightening up here now a DIY which I loathe but am in the middle of doing at the moment in between writing this

I am hating it but it looks good so many wires I had no idea and boy are my books heavy oh well it has to be done I guess.


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