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The dirty Dozen 

LOS ANGELES - A potential US$1 billion-plus class action lawsuit by American farmers against the AWB will likely be filed in the US in coming weeks, the US lawyer leading the case said today.
The thing is our esteemed Prime Minister’s Foreign Affairs Minister Andrew Downer knew all about the shortcomings of the Australian Wheat Board [AWB] and denied it at first and then admitted it at the Cole enquiry and yet John Howard PM MP says he has a list of at least 12 to take the rap which could mean incarceration for them and the way in which this report from the New Zealand Herald was printed was obviously not well researched as at the Cole enquiry Downer admitted it in the end so why is he not one of the twelve men in this report.

This report calls it the dirty dozen I respectfully submit it should be re-phrased to the dirty baker’s dozen.
What cause has Howard to feel so relaxed over the admission that the AWB shelled out grease money to the tune of A$351 Million that money was the tax payers money no good him sitting smugly back the BUCK stops with him.
The sooner he and that chubby opposition leader leave politics the better.
Kim Beazley is just not a good enough Labor leader in my opinion; we only really have had one good one in recent times and he was an excellent treasurer and Prime Minister.
I personally loathed him but voted for him as he was very good at his job.
His name for folk not in the know was Paul Keating
Mind you even he was a sneaky bastard but then look at the little runt we have now.
Sadly if the Australian Labor Party doesn’t get their house in order he will get in once more.
I am sure somewhere that Blair and possibly Bush had some sweet deal with Iraqi officials as well.


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