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I was awakened at the unearthly hour of 7 AM this morning by a young bloke with a huge toolbox after 3 hours sleep It seems the Queensland government have finally decided to implement water saving devices in all government housing. A good idea and long overdue I always had them in my own house before I sold it. I have to admit I never really noticed much difference when I had a shower just a slight drop in the pressure. Still in this country water is as precious as gold so three cheers for the Queensland housing department; I mean how else would the brewery make our beer if the water dried up. ******************************************** I finally took the plunge I thought to myself a couple of days ago how much blogger was playing up so I went beta blogger and I tell you what I knocked it a few weeks ago but its simply great; beaut new templates and you have a choice of using HTML or their unique method of changing the template, I chose the latter and it was so easy to do and it looks great so yep I recommend it so if you still use the old way with that dreaded spinner go for it peoples. I’m so glad I did now. Here are a couple of screenies so you can get a real good squiz at it. I used my link list as an example but as you can see in the first screenie you can drag that where ever you wish up and down, any element in fact can be dragged just where you want it to be on your Blog. If you look at the top of the first screenie you can see where to edit the template the old way in HTML if you wish; personally I found the element method much better just a matter of choice I guess and I am not so hot on the HTML the Divs get me muddled up a tad.

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