Big problems in Queensland

Good ole Telstra again, I guess I shouldn’t blame them but I feel like blaming somebody. An outage I was told by my provider from Western Australia who is now my phone provider as well. What really sticks in my craw is the fact that Telstra own all phone lines in this country so other providers have to lease the lines from them and a tiny thing like a quick storm messes it up in this the twenty first Century. We did have a little thunderstorm a few hours ago it’s true, which was not such a big deal, to be honest I have seen far worse in my time. But I cannot access my e-mail or the net; I cannot post this until it comes back online and yet the strangest thing I can make phone calls. I phoned my son who lives a mere 15 minute drive from here and he said he was still connected; he muttered something about it was most likely my local exchange. I am now thinking of seeing if there is a cable set up instead of (A)DSL which is Broadband but sort of uses your phone line but I’m not holding my breath. To my way of thinking this sort of thing should not happen today. Oh well I will do the dishes and go to bed early for a change. __________________________________________________________________________ One event has made me feel better already I got online again at 2145 Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) It looks like the Democrats in the USA have finally done it and seem to have taken control according to this report. So finally it's farewell to Bush and his minions YES

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