I need to be careful with blogging

And to really mess up my day a Japanese horse won the Melbourne cup I run the President of the United States of America down terribly and looking at things in another perspective my bloody country is as bad. I was browsing through today’s headlines and not only are we involved in the Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea (hell what a long name they have) and I now find we are sticking our nose into Fiji another independent country in the Commonwealth of nations. Australia might be a minor power on the world stage, but it is a regional Imperialist power in its own right. John Howard summed up the real, Imperialist agenda behind the re-colonisation of the Solomon Islands and PNG when he pronounced "this is our part the world...this is our patch." And now Fiji and I daresay they have influence in New Zealand. Courier Mail South Pacific Saddam Hussein's trial on charges of genocide against the Kurds has resumed in Baghdad Some may think it a waste of time trying Saddam for another horrendous crime and in a way they are right but I do think the object lesson here is to show the Kurds that he should if proven be found guilty but seeing as this charge is more horrendous than the first why wasn’t he charged with the larger crime first; makes me wonder at times of how all judicial systems work. ABC

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