Snowvember in Queensland!

The Bureau of Meteorology described the strange November conditions as being a one-in-50 year’s weather event.

The wild weather, which yesterday dumped snow in Victoria and saw Brisbane hit by wild storms, crossed the Queensland border this morning, dusting parts of the Granite Belt with light snow.

I can honestly say I have never heard of this ever happening before and I have been looking through all the records.

Queensland it seems does see snow in a small area of the south east of the state. This area is geographically a continuation of the Northern Tablelands of New South Wales. The town of Stanthorpe centres on the region.

Thank goodness it’s a long way from me I don’t think I could hack it now.

One reference book I have read talks of a “freak “fall recorded at Mackay. I can only think that the story was geographically inaccurate or plain false. Snow may have fallen on nearby mountains; Mt William about 60 kms west of Mackay has an altitude of 1259m (4000ft), however even here I am inclined to doubt the story. As for falls at Mackay itself, a town on the coast, at sea level and at latitude of 21'S, no I'm not convinced, especially considering snow has not fallen at sea level even as far south as 37'S this century.

ALTHOUGH I can recall it being said that it snowed on Mount Mackay in tropical Queensland however it seems it may have been Mount William; I won’t split hairs over it,

According to the unwritten records of our indigenous people it was the first time in living memory.

Their records are always handed down orally and have been for well over 40.000 years so I guess there could well be a few errors.

Brisbane Courier Mail

The turncoat makes sense.

I have along with a lot of Australians thought of Rupert Murdoch as a traitor to his country; I recall the time when to become a US Citizen which he had to do in those days to buy up Fox and lots of the media; meant that he had to surrender his Australian citizenship.

I do believe the case is different today, however this quote of his below is in fact the truth and he is quite right to bring it to our attention being as he has the ear of our Prime Minister.

AUSTRALIA'S internet infrastructure is a "disgrace" which the Federal Government must fix, News Corporation chairman and chief executive Rupert Murdoch said yesterday.

The thing is how much is he going to reap out of it ah yes he did not say it for the mere fact of bolstering our hopes.

No sir he is only interested in how much he can make out of it he is in communications after all, oh yeah and I still think he’s a traitor and a greedy one at that. Brisbane Courier Mail

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