A few snippets.

Bullimore is safe

British yachtsman Tony Bullimore has finally made contact from his catamaran, more than 12 days after he lost all communication.

According to this report he had no radio installed what a clown he must be

I recall the last time this happened in the Southern Ocean in 1997 when he was rescued by the Royal Australian Navy after being spotted by a Royal Australian Air force aircraft; the Navy found him underneath his capsized boat after being in it for quite a few days.

These dare devils I wonder does he actually realise just how much money his stunts cost our poor old taxpayer; probably not he is still at it; one wonders what he might come up with next. **********************************************************************************************************

Sudanese foreign minister Lam Akol

I wonder Lam Akol have you thought that this is not some childish game you are playing here LIVES are at stake what kind of Minister are you? You strike me as being an imbecile personally.

Your people are starving to death and goodness knows what else and you have the temerity to state this you sir are an idiot.

Whether you think the west is after your oil or not is beside the point what’s more you know dam well that some African countries are in the UN still this joker won’t help you Egyptian parliamentarian El-Gendi Mostafa said and I quote

"I will not let anyone come into my house and solve my problems. I'm a man and I will solve my problems myself," Sourced from It never stopped the Israeli's did it they shut him up in the six day war I noticed. ********************************************************************

Another nasty in Iraq

Five security contractors - four Americans and an Austrian were abducted at a fake checkpoint it seems it was the boldest abductions in 2 years we have been there too long for sure.

It seems it was in a considered safe area policed by Brit troops 2 were left behind later discovered by US troops strange in a British area.

This must cease forthwith in my opinion still I have been saying this for well over a year now.

Time to decide America, Great Britain and Australia with the rest of the opposition.

CALL IT A DAY AND GET OUT they don’t want us there can’t you see that by now.

Not so many lives will be lost if you pull out chip in with our money (why not you give it away) let them rebuild it themselves; let the Iraqi’s guarantee any contractors safety not our blokes they and their families have had enough.


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