Let us hope so Good Luck Nancy

Former minority leader appointed first female Speaker of House in U.S. history

The results from Tuesday's Congressional elections not only shifted Congress' power to the Democrats but signaled the appointment of Mrs Nancy Pelosi as the first female Speaker of the House in U.S. history.

I really like that as there have been many women of high office in our history i.e. Mrs Gandhi of India who served as Prime Minister, Mrs Helen Clark of New Zealand still currently in office as Prime minister, Mrs Thatcher of the UK I could go on I guess but there are a few worrying things for Americans with the appointment.

Pelosi's voting record is frightening for some folk is my opinion but time will tell I guess!! still I do agree with some of them but don't have to live with it personally. * NO on the Border Security Bill * NO on making the Republican tax cuts permanent * NO on eliminating the marriage penalty * NO on eliminating the death tax * NO on creating Health Savings Accounts * NO on the Defence of Marriage Act * NO on the 1996 Welfare Reform Law (and NO on its reauthorisation) * NO on protecting the Pledge of Allegiance * NO on banning partial-birth abortion * NO on requiring a photo I.D. to ensure only legal voters vote * NO on the Patriot Act * NO on authorising domestic tracking of terrorists * NO on military tribunals and new interrogation rules for terrorist detainees.

A couple of nasties there still I guess America and the world will just have to wait until things settle.

My guess is she will do a fine job and it will make a pleasant change from hard headed blokes in office although she seems pretty strong willed to me.

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