This made me smile

Or video mobs in the news AGAIN.

What a sick and sorry joke this is from MySpace who deny uploading clips which have a copyright.

Of course they have they would not be getting sued otherwise.

I don’t know how MySpace is run in the United States to be honest but MySpace Australia is not run as well as it took them a good month or more to reply to a complaint I had one time.

In the meantime I had deleted my account on it as it was in my mind for a generation much younger than mine.

I still received a reply with words stating hey give us a break here.

What a mob of loonies.

I was discussing video uploading with my youngest son and he dropped the words MySpace my reply was {been there done that} he never mentioned it again but I do know he would never be a member of any of these video sites; he makes his own for his business.

I must say I like YouTube but I do get complaints at times that they cannot view the link I sent them from the tube odd as most other folk can.


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