Finally getting some facts maybe

Former US Attorney-General Ramsay Clark ejected from the court I don’t quite understand why this man an American former US Attorney-General was defending Saddam Hussein very odd that. Source _________________________________________________________________________ Bitter verdicts upon USA Administration Quite a few of them. Was this a ruse by the US administration it sure is starting to look like one with their midterm elections was it something Rove cooked up finally will we ever find out. One day maybe I think meanwhile we should hopefully know the result real soon. Source __________________________________________________________ Election Round up Election round up a final analysis The Midterm Blues: America goes to the polls Today's vote may change the political map of the US - and turn George Bush into a lame-duck President, wasn’t he always yeah right My sentiments exactly. Source ___________________________________________________________ US pastor admits sex 'immorality' Mr Haggard denies having sex with a gay prostitute Disgraced former US evangelical leader Ted Haggard has confessed to his followers that he was guilty of "sexual immorality so what's new! well yeah there is to be honest it makes me feel quite ill at the thought of it. Source ______________________________________________________ This is much more like it Mind you we have much more important things going on here Australian Prime Minister John Howard is due to hold talks with four state leaders on the country's water crisis. Australia is in the grip of its worst drought on record. We are it seems in a huge crisis regarding water but is it worth a war nah of course not we sit down and discuss it like rational beings; far too late for you to get the hint now Mr Bush. Source ___________________________________________________________

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