Kangaroos and other news of interest.

Toronto news from a friend I received a mail today from my friend in Toronto who seems to enjoy sending all things Australian related so I looked into this one with special care hoping to prove him wrong. Yeah well maybe I did and maybe I didn’t but I can assure him I personally have never seen Kangaroo meat on sale in the supermarkets where I live; one can buy it as a pet food true from pet shops or stores but I have heard stories about it. Here are a few quotes from his mail which looks like it came from the Toronto Star originally but I could be wrong. ______________________________________________________________________ "ADELAIDE, Australia (AP)—Kangaroo, once sold mostly as dog food and an odd but cheap eat for students, has begun appearing as steaks, sausages and meat pies at grocers and restaurants”. Kangaroo curry, even, has reached the Outback. Gavin Rehn, a farmer on the remote Eyre Peninsula, is known for his 'roo vindaloo, a dish he and some workmates cooked up over a campfire with a kangaroo tail and a bottle of vindaloo sauce. "We have to cull them anyway," said Rehn, 40. "If there's a nice young one, we'll eat it." _____________________________________________________________________ Apart from being on our coat of arms with the Emu it’s a national icon and there are strict limits to culling them. Gavin here made huge blue with his statement they are culled true but farmers are not permitted one has to be a licenced shooter all details of this are on this link and all info is on here. You may wonder why but nobody here today can own firearms without a very special permit not like the old days. An explanation as to why we don’t like eating them is of course obvious as I said the kangaroo, a creature no other country can claim, is a much-loved symbol of quirky Australia. It graces endless tourist fodder, as well as Australia's coat of arms and its passport. There was a time when Farmers had to put up with the sight of Roos eating feed provided for livestock; this persisted here for a number of years. Sadly they are being culled in greater numbers now. There are an estimated 50 million kangaroos hopping around Australia. Aboriginals have long eaten the mild-mannered marsupials which according to my received e-mail tasted a bit like beef and venison, but with a softer texture frankly they taste like game; I spat it out and it never tasted like venison to me beef either. Who could kill a lovable animal like this pictured below. Wiki Kangaroo shooting code ************************************************************************************************************* Hell moves a step closer Or Good news for Democrat supporters American neo-cons will claim the Saddam judgement as a victory, but it will bring no relief to George Bush. That pleases me no end a shame he is not a Kangaroo lol the whole world is sick of Georgy boy and his ear wigging advisers, as long as this election is carried out fairly I can see no reason why his party will lose control in the US Government thus making it harder for POTUS to hang in there much harder. The American people and indeed most of the world are now sick of the way he does things. Boy would I love to read his memoirs. This is not to say I don’t agree about Saddam and the verdict as I do but if we had never gone there think of the number of lives saved; maybe not Iraqi lives sadly and I feel for them obviously. But no coalition lives would been lost and the financing its self; lets not go there ok The American people know this and I believe it will show itself on November 7 the Bush Dynasty is in grave danger now who will cover their asses I wonder, food for thought that one. What will little Howard and Blair do now the mind boggles at the thought report


  1. love all the pictures good work on your page. Dee<><

  2. Thank you Dee I really appreciated your comment as I rarely get any These days, it is fun doing this but can be disheartening at times sadly.