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Think twice. Keeping warm in the winter is a heated issue now that electric and magnetic fields (EMFs) from electric blankets may be linked to health hazards. Unplug your electric blanket and switch to a cosy eco-blanket instead.

Well I didn’t but I don’t really know if it is linked to health hazards but I do know it is not advisable for young children to use them.

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Another tip is this awesome USB Link Cable for you today that makes swapping files between computers absolutely painless! Just plug one end of the USB cord into each computer and a little window opens up. Click the icon in that window and an explorer-like program runs. From there, it's just a matter of dragging and dropping files from one computer to the other! It couldn't be any easier! Well to be truthful I haven’t seen one but here is a picture of one. Not expensive either for residents of the USA I must look around here they have to be on sale in Ozz surely!


Israel developing 'bionic hornet' weapon

Capable of flying into otherwise unreachable areas, the
Nanotech-based robot could photograph its targets. Or kill them.
I thought the US Military had such things I know I saw one doing a reconnaissance mission in the Iraqi cock up oh well what with training Dolphins and other animals to do our dirty work for us we now seem to have these Nanotech doovers as well.


Thanksgiving in space

Space turkey with all the trimmings: The only American in space this Thanksgiving was Michael Lopez-Alegria and it seems he had the traditional turkey meal when he sat um floated down to dinner, accompanied by candied yams and cornbread dressing. Lopez-Alegria even enjoyed some cranberry sauce, thanks to a choice of single-serving condiments on-board. The thermo stabilised smoked turkey may be similar to that eaten by the Apollo 11 moonwalkers as their first meal on the surface, but the variety of side dishes has expanded by giant leaps since then.
It's going to get better what with the Mars mission in mind I mean it has to but from what I read they are working on it Celebrity Chefs was what I read gee I could eat that right now.
A far cry from the old days from mere drinks like Tang then food in a tube to this as depicted here.
Sourced from space news

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