Interested in the universe

The final frontier Then this is the site for you I have really been very fascinated by all this site has to offer it has all sorts on it even science. I actually get their newsletter into my e-mail box everyday if you are interested in aliens from another world to meteors and all space news this is a must. There is also lots of wall paper here for your screensaver not that you need a screensaver these days but it is great to look at if you have an unexpected visitor. All manner of space shots abound here and it makes a pleasant change to switch your desktop on or laptop and see Saturn or any number of planets. Some folk get fads and change their’s everyday I will leave mine on a good month before changing it. News of the international space station oh I could go on and on about the stuff on here. I particularly liked the space walkers so they get top billing on my computer. There are even pictures of Neil Armstrong on the Moon in 1969, Buzz Aldrin driving around even one of them saluting the Stars and stripes. Below is all of what can be seen here. Site Map | News | SpaceFlight | Science | Technology | Entertainment | SpaceViews | NightSky | Ad Astra | SETI Hot Topics | Sun | Mercury | Venus | Earth | Moon | Mars | Jupiter | Saturn | Uranus | Neptune | Pluto | Meteors | Supernovas Planets | Solar System | Milky Way | Comets | Asteroids | Eclipse | Auroras | Black Holes | Stars | Universe | Galaxies | Nebulas | UFO Hubble | Astronomy | Telescope | NASA | Astronaut | Space Shuttle | ISS | Columbia | Alien Life | SETI | Satellites Space Tourism | Solar Flares Image Galleries | Videos | Reader Favorites | Image of the Day | Amazing Images | Wallpapers | Games | Community about us | FREE Email Newsletter | message boards | register at SPACE.com I Image is clickable all images for those that are not in the know are always clickable Space

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