Microsoft is it losing its marble’s

And a couple of snippets for me to start November One 2006 Microsoft as predicted months ago finally announced last week that it would allow PC buyers from now until March when Windows Vista is released to the public to upgrade for a substantial discount or for free, depending on the version. However, Microsoft will not give new PC buyers any discount if they upgrade to the new premium product Vista. Furthermore I read somewhere that most idiots idiot’s who do purchase it will be getting it very much cheaper than Australian residents. It seems we here are going to be charged a hell of a lot more than any other country. Still I shall not bother if it’s anything like windows 2003 and I include office 2003 in this I don’t think I shall be missing a great deal Of course they may not be losing the plot as if I know the software giant they have to be making money somewhere; the business would not be viable otherwise. I got to admit the packaging looks cool not that it will sway me who cares what It’s packaged liked. And the whinge on piracy really bugs me when this company has made bazillions out of us. I did read some countrymen of mine were nicked for it. ************************************************************* Keystone cops get their man Yep a full blooded tourist was nabbed in a ILEGAL steel trap used by the Queensland and wildlife service on Fraser Island and the tourist threw the trap away; why you might say good point **I threw it away says he as I did not want to get prosecuted** his very words, I know they are rubber lined but still illegal; Question **why was the QWLS using them**? Excuse **the dingoes have wised up to caged traps** Smart fellers them dingoes ************************************************************ Are you a cupcake Democratic presidential nominee denies this Senator John Kerry after inhaling a cupcake he then it seems set out to demonstrate he isn’t a cupcake how does one inhale a cupcake ah never mind. Kerry was set upon by his arch rivals by who else but Bush and his cronies. He was slimed by republicans who never served in the U S Military; I myself am impressed by his awards and I am not an American and don’t even live there. What a pack of rats was my impression. A direct quote below "Made an acid reference to the five deferments received by Dick Cheney during the Vietnam War, He talked about billions of dollars "wasted" in Iraq on no-bid contracts. And, referring to Bush, declared: "The president always sets up a straw man because he won't debate a real man". The jury -- America's voters -- is still out. But 2006 may go down in America's political history as the year that the Democrats finally got the upper hand let us hope so. Definitely in my opinion if you read this Bush should be apologising and not the other way around. Stick it to them mate. Where it hurts as well and bring those guys home if you get in as Bush never will especially with the advisers he has at the moment; the buck does stop with him of course. twire Seattle Pi Brisbane courier mail ************************************************************

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