This will not just apply to New Zealanders

Oh no it will apply to us all.

Maybe we should get our own back on this situation by banning a few visitors to our shores make them learn English for a change.

I mean can you honestly say you can understand a person who says Bro M**** ***** words like that well I sure can’t, this of course does not apply to the average American who is just trying to get on with life but the gangs in NYC and the mob who live in the deep South I think you all get the picture.

WHO THE HELL DOES BUSH THINK HE IS no he is a not a God he is a misinformed creature and not a fairly elected one at that

I have been thinking of visiting America but I don’t think I will until this petty tyrant and the civil liberties mob STOP this fingerprinting and THINK WELL

9/11 would never have happened but for one man GATES who Bush recently appointed think well America the devil is already amongst you and you are losing friends fast.

Yeah ok we all know he is the President of the USA but to make tourists suffer these indignities is just going too far.

Does he think like most of America that there is only one country living here on this planet obviously not?

I have noticed that most Americans who have travelled overseas do know this but in the main most Americans are very naïve or insular in their thinking.

Now they have the biggest one of the lot and he actually runs the country.

Its time for them to remedy this by all of them yes ALL OF THEM recording their vote to vote in a decent person; Bush is not a decent or fit person to run a garbage truck in my opinion along with his trusty gang of cohorts.

All they think of is cash cold hard cash that’s why the Buck stops at the Whitehouse.

If our present Prime Minister continues to suck up to Bush then I guess his days are numbered also.

I read articles and indeed have written them asking that all foreign Military be withdrawn from Iraq.

If our bloke loses our boy’s are coming home.

And if I lose more e-mail friends over this well that’s just too bad.

I was inspired to write this by a Canadian friend and the article I just read HERE.

As the article states some have said it will make absolutely no difference at all security wise SO WHY THE HELL DO IT

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