Do we really want to know this? and other info

Well I sure don’t Who the devil cares about 2000 year old Faeces well some Israeli Anthropologist does it seems; such crap excuse the pun lol. These researchers are now digging up 2000 year old restrooms good grief whatever will they research next I wonder all is revealed on HERE well not all thank goodness that would be embarrassing. It’s also the subject of a lively academic debate. I am now seriously thinking of dropping my subscription to this site if more garbage like this is debated. I myself am looking to the future not the past especially the sort that is being dug up lately. It seems it is not the first time either as there is an exhibit in Miami this is gunna get yah called The Scoop on the Poop I reckon some folk are just plain sick who the hell cares and it is on the same site as the Middle Eastern Dunny. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

It seems that Italian Scientists have solved a 400 year old MURDER Sherlock Holmes and his mate Doctor Watson could have solved it I reckon I mean it’s elementary; he solved everything with his magnifying glass and wearing his famous deer stalker hat of course.

Gosh I have been reading some garbage lately I do wish they would blast off for Mars now that would be exciting.


Toward Immortality

Now this looks better and it seems it could happen quite soon if one can believe this REPORT still as the author says it will still not prevent poverty and wars so maybe we are better off as we are after all folk do tend to live longer nowadays so I have noticed and then there is the added burden of medical costs oh all manner of things.

Still for the younger generation it seems it will happen in their life span increasing it to around 140 years Hmm yeah well thems the breaks I guess.


On my travels yesterday I nipped into the Library as its open all day on Saturday whereas in Nambour it’s not sadly.

So I picked a few books I had already had lunch with my son and his wife; I gave the daughter a miss.

Well I was just sitting in the sun and a homeless guy sat down eating Fried Chook I never asked where it came from but yeah he told me outright where it came from.

Having had fresh snapper and chips I kinda felt sorry for him however it turned out with no prompting from me that he was not homeless anymore now but used to be and slept in the park a few feet of metres away from where we were both sitting at one time.

Never begged or nothing and in fact he now lives in a government housing unit or so he said.

Introduced himself as Eric needless to say I slipped him 5 bucks when I left to drive home I just felt sorry yah know.

So when I get to Nambour I popped over to the Post office to collect my mail and you’re not gunna read about it but there was another one of these blokes there as well.

A hell of a lot younger as well but spoke to me and was blatantly drinking grog which is an offence here to do that in public.

But he was not drunk at all by any means.

So we had a chat as well I never asked where he slept.

What a weird day.


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