Our Immigration Minister gets dumped or sacked not before time either

That’s my view she always was a pain in the ass and her pulling faces in public etc a royal pain is my view it’s about the only sensible thing our incumbent PM has done lately. There is talk of giving her a diplomatic posting who cares I sure don’t. Howard our incumbent PM has left poor David Hicks to rot in Guantanamo and a lawyer says he is afraid David may take a deal offered to him just so he can return home.

Howard’s sudden expressions of concern about the length of Hicks’s detention without trial are animated by cynical electoral considerations. With a federal election due later this year, Howard clearly recognises that his government is isolated on the issue and is seeking to squirm out of its sordid record in the ongoing and illegal imprisonment of Hicks. Personally I think this lawyer could well be correct so I read here. David Hick's military lawyer, Major Michael Mori, has criticised new Pentagon rules for putting his client on trial, saying they are in some ways worse than the previous ones ruled illegal by the US Supreme Court. This bloke is now in his sixth year in this rathole in my opinion a bloke in the wrong place at the right time for the Bush Administration .

Meanwhile the Brits Cricket team is having a real bad trot in the one day tournament held here after game number six we have 18 points New Zealand 5 points and the poor old Brits 5 points. Still they may redeem themselves on Australia day game 7 from the picturesque Adelaide oval but I sure hope not.

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