You could have kept your mouth shut here Rudd

Our although unpopular PM has stated he was investigating this occurrence your remarks will not I assure you get you elected and if you are just going to spout off in this vein that may just be your undoing haven’t we got a better person to lead our Australian Labor party than yourself. I can think of a few but you go work it out you get paid enough her Majesty’s opposition leader gets a fair swag of cash as we all know; but not for inane remarks like this. Why oh why didn't you just allow the opposition to say hear hear period? To dumb I guess. I reckon it’s entirely appropriate you resign and get somebody with more backbone; I don’t suppose I am the only one either. After voting for your party now for well over 40 years I am now casting my eyes around for one that has more brains than the ALP sadly I have not found one that comes up to my standards well perhaps one but the leader of it was disposed sadly. This is the mob I am thinking of and yes they have what it takes I think. The Australian Democrats and I did not like the way in which a leader of their party one time a senator from South Australia was cast aside one Natasha Stott Despoja she was I thought treated rather shabbily at the time a few years back now It still has it seems a woman at the helm Senator Lyn Allison, Democrats Leader. This is their policy The Australian Democrats stand for a fair society that values justice, democracy, individual freedom and diversity. We work for a prosperous, environmentally sustainable and equitable economy; good, accountable governance and responsible, peaceful engagement in the global community. We are honest, compassionate, and beholden to no interest group and we provide a voice for the voiceless. It sounds good to me and far better that our present incumbent and also the opposition who over the years have gotten so weak one good Willi Nilli and they would blow away. This is Senator Lyn Allison and the other is of Natasha Stott *************************************************************************************************

Now on a lighter note I have been playing pool on Yahoo against a friend and just a tip don’t take her on she is the original pool hustler I swear.

This is an actual image of a game we played today but I cut out our chat and names for security reasons obviously.

But she is fun I must admit and will play me at scrabble and dominoes as well.

Oh well you gotta have a break from blogging at times I think.

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