Our vocabulary for would be migrants

Be warned hardly any of the words in this article are really used now with the mixed population only by the older ones who know the terms and then not often.

I really don’t think this is the English test our miserable Prime Minister actually meant to be honest, still who knows what goes on in his head I don’t for sure.

However it is amusing to see the words in print I notice the word bastard is not mentioned in this article and yet it is frequently used as a term of endearment as well as its true meaning.

We also call larrikins Hoons so be warned.

The word dinkum portrayed in the article well in actual fact it’s an old Lincolnshire term (UK) fair dinkum meant fair play derived I believe from poaching I shall have to check I suppose over time it has got mangled like every other thing in this mad house of a world we live in.

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