Why the hangdog look George

You mate are not fooling anybody even some of your own party members are questioning this rash statement of yours which I read on here.

You have been ill advised through all this unnecessary loss of life and your solution is to send more of your troops to their grave along with your partners in this heinous crime of yours GROW up pal the bloke you appointed as the new DCI is actually the cause of all this strife.

Without a doubt you will go down in history as the worse President your Country has had.

Have you given any thought as to how that must make your own people feel; of course not you just blunder on and on thereby making the USA looking idiotic in the eyes of the world.

They are not idiotic they are just fed up of all the uncalled for deaths and most are fed up with you and your administration, roll on January 2008.

Nobody really wants the US to be placed in such an unenviable position except you and your brainless advisers.

Here is a prime example which I admit I found on you tube but it clearly shows the world what sort of a leader you are, its ok Mr. Bush my Prime Minister is as bad well almost.


  1. Listening to a national radio report on the way in this morning, an analyst pointed out that Congress may issue a bi-partisan measure that disagrees with Bush's stance. That would mean 1. The American people don't agree with him (only 12-18 percent of Americans think he's handled Iraq appropriately according to an Associated Press poll. 2. Congress doesn't agree with him. 3. The generals involved in the war don't agree with him.

    The only person who thinks he's right is Bush himself. This is what happens when you give power to those who don't know how to handle it.

    We're as ashamed of him as non-Americans are, be sure.

  2. Oh I realise that Jason hence the blog it's appalling really what he has done but thanks for the comment.
    Nobody wishes the USA to look stupid and sadly Bush has succeeded in doing just that.
    He really makes my blood boil to be honest and of course your country much more than mine is now suffering as a result.
    He should in my opinion be Impeached sadly a lengthy process I have been told.