Portraying Poms as whingers is racist they reckon

And more whinging I mean explanation sorry.

Well I put up with it and survived and this watchdog mob we have here in good old Ozz seem to be a fickle lot from what I read SMH most *lets get all highbrow now* Englishmen it seems just laughed at the report.

The advertising watchdog here allowed a tonk a Pom add saying it was just good clean fun but not when an ad played Land of hope and glory in which a bunch of Poms were heard to be whinging.

All these ads by the way including tonk a Kiwi are promoted via a brewery named Tooheys; this brewery I might add some 30 odd years ago would not employ anybody unless they were a native born Australian, now it seems Toohey’s brewery is now headed by a Pom what a hoot their brew tastes like urine in my opinion always did and to think you can now buy it in other countries including Pom land *I jest couldn’t resist that gibe*

When this so called derogatory term was used in the beginning it was not just Pom either so I had to put up with whinging Pommy Bastard; it was used affectionately even then.

Some of my kids have called me a silly old bastard; I most likely am at times lol.

This is why this bloody so called political awareness gets right up my nose and I refuse to conform why the hell should I? This silly practice seems to be creeping in all over the world sadly.

Cripes I recall when the Poms won the 2003 Rugby world cup and some wag did a picture of the Sydney Opera House in photo shop I reckon, and painted it with the Brit colours, did I get offended of course I didn’t I just sent it winging its way around the world. I got a laugh out of it to be honest.

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