This has to be stopped NOW Ruddock

This is Crap and you know it

Your remarks re this in the Melbourne Age should have never been said as usual you are talking out of your rear end AGAIN which is nothing new but your remarks will be read and heard by us voters rest assured.

It is my fervent hope you will be out of Government very soon

We may be a multicultural society but that’s where it ends I am sure I am right in saying that a 100 % of Australians do not wish an Islamic state in this country.

We may seem frivolous at times I agree but this is going beyond the norm,

The trouble that Moslems are causing all over the world not to mention my country leave much to be desired.

Send them back to a tract of land in the Middle East where they originally came from so they can set up an Islamic State there with all the rest of their bretheren.

I notice that the federal Government would not allow a portion of NSW called New England to become a state WHY SHOULD MOSLEMS HAVE ONE they are for a start mainly refugees and their kin who sadly grew up here were born here and are still causing trouble even as I type.

Make this land free yes but not for Islam for the rest of us decent folk who wish to get on with life.

If by chance and it’s a slim one this should happen you sir may have an uprising on your filthy hands.

I for one will not tolerate them here at all; there are many like me.

Do you understand the reality of this if and it’s a big if this were to occur of folk praying to Mecca wherever they are, you are a complete idiot if this gets another mention.

Whilst I am on this thorny subject get rid of that grand Mufti bloke who has a dubious record as we all know.

I suppose all this stems from political awareness like the state of affairs in the USA at the present time; throw that out of the window for a start I never adhere to it at all and never will.

The term POLITICAL AWARENESS actually sticks in my craw as it does with most Australians.

Yes we are a free society I agree but this time NO we are not for Moslems we were always based on a Christian society why even say what you did.

We took these people in as refugees nothing more; now they are citizens well some of them, they want their own state.

IT’S JUST NOT ON SPORT OK; I do hope they blow you up when you say no I really do its one less conservative to worry about.

This quote”Hizb ut-Tahrir spokesman Wassim Doureihi said the purpose was to highlight the reality of political struggle in the Muslim world and the obligations of Muslims in Australia to raise these issues and to raise awareness of the caliphate”.

Who is this bloke kidding look at this quote "Islam is universal. The caliphate would be a role model for the rest of the world." Such hogwash.

It means nothing to me CALIPHATE my rear end we are in reality a Western Nation living on the Pacific Rim nothing to do with Moslems we have those to the North west of us in Indonesia and Malaysia let em go there and set up this Caliphate or whatever’s we ordinary Aussies are not interested.

This rash statement of yours could cause a lot of dissent especially from our Defence forces who are serving in Cruddy Islamic countries BE WARNED.

Remember this well RUDD should you manage to become Prime Minister also.

This mob has been banned in other countries but not here it seems WHY a good question a very good question one you will have to take up with your legal advisers but as a suggestion BAN it should you make it

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