How d’you like these apples folks lol

Much better than freezing I reckon all you cold folk up in the Northern Hemisphere

Through the roof: the thermometer measuring the on-court temperature at the Australian Open Tennis Tournament yesterday was stretched to breaking point at 118 degrees Fahrenheit, or 48 degrees Celsius.

This was way down south in Victoria where sadly Bush fires are still raging and there is now discussion on how to ration electricity.

Ah well the price you pay for living in the North has some compensations I guess but I prefer heat to cold any old day.

Sadly this searing heat is a killer and kills babies and the elderly quite frequently not a good thing at all really.

These temperatures are endured on cricket pitches also but our cricketers can hack it beating England AGAIN and New Zealand in the first of the 50 over’s one day international tournaments for our summer.

ON THEIR 72nd day in the country, after nine losses and three draws, England yesterday finally, nervously, won a cricket match against New Zealand WOW what a record and to think I switched it off on TV as it looked grim for England again,The elusive victory arrived not only belatedly in the tour, but in the match, coming with only one ball to spare when Andrew Flintoff clipped a four to overtake New Zealand's score of 205 at Bellerive Oval; Punter Ponting will make their lives hell again I bet when they play us again.

Methinks there will be a huge board of enquiry in the UK if they deign to go home


  1. Yeah, Mickster ... it was 25 degrees (F) when I left for work this morning. It flurried snow yesterday.

    We'll get you back in July and August.

  2. Yep I guess you will get your good weather then still a lot of folk here swim here then as it can get warm in the daytime even in those months.
    To think they even play soccer in that heat as well in some states, thanks for the coment Jason.