What do these people get out of making a computer virus?

Well it has me beat I have often wondered if it is the anti virus companies themselves but I can’t see that as anybody today can get free anti virus programmes for their computers home only and I have found quite a few good ones as well.

I use one of them on one of my computers myself and I shall do so when the subscription I have to a well known company expires on my other one.

The anti Vir is a good one it features a lady I think holding an umbrella depicted in red so is the one put out by AVG; I found it very good also.

Unlike a certain brand it does not tend to slow your computer down and it is all done online.

Of course then there is anti spy ware which I find essential windows do a free one but there are other free ones just as good if not better I myself use this one depicted on this site; I find it very handy and it scans for spy cookies which in turn can let a malicious back or trap door Trojan virus installing on your computer.

I must admit I found nothing out of the ordinary re this report on the BBC I just cannot understand why people make them and in some cases can cause chaos one nasty one caused all the Traffic lights in Newcastle NSW Australia to fail not nice at all.

We live in a nasty world today I think


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