Today is Australia day as most of the world knows

``````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` This Smiling Bloke knows this being a New Zealander so we are neighbours Just a two hour flight separates us. At the one day cricket match being played in Adelaide the Poms have sunk to a disgraceful position being all out for a mere 110 runs in 34.3 over’s (these games are 50 over’s a side ) how the devil they will wish to return to England with their disgraceful record has really got me thinking, mind you I do feel a tad for them, did I type that good grief I never meant it honest lol. We have just scored 56 in 12 over’s and now the players have gone to an early evening meal well its early here in Qld 5.50 PM in Adelaide it is 6.20 PM The mugs are on daylight saving time usually it’s a mere 30 minutes difference; we only need 57 runs to win The Ashes series was a whitewash they lost all five games and now they have managed just one win against New Zealand odd as well as it looked in the bag for the Kiwi’s so much so I turned the TV off sadly. Many international cricketers play in other countries during their off season excepting the touring sides naturally, we are no exception indeed one of our cricketers who has retired from the Aussie scene is in fact still the Captain of an English county team Hampshire for two years. It really looks like it will be a New Zealand/Australia final I reckon still cricket as all the commentators say is a funny game and anything could happen. I did notice one of our older esteemed retired cricketers Greg Chappell a former Aussie captain has been hounded in India for not selecting certain blokes for their team, actually slapped by some bloke Police were called for the protection of both teams (he’s their Coach I think) an American term that has been around for ages now at onetime they were just called trainer’s oh hell that’s what the Brits call joggers. It seems I cannot win but our team can and will when it resumes in about 12 more minutes. Ok game is over so the actual result was England all out for 210 in 34.3 over’s and Australia 1 for 211 in 24.3 over’s the points table now stands at Australia 23 New Zealand 5 and the poor old Brits still on 4 next game is on Sunday the 28th Ho hum

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