Don't rate our form on Twenty/20 hindsight says Young Brett Lee

I agree with him 1000%

Twenty/20 cricket is for pure entertainment indeed Brett says that here in his article on it a direct quote from my favourite Bowler Brett Lee writes: “When the national selectors asked me last week whether I wanted to play in tomorrow's Twenty20 match I accepted immediately.

I really enjoy the game and I'll be giving it everything I've got but it must be treated for what it is -- an entertainment package where the crowd comes first”.

Australian test captain is of much the same opinion a quote from Ricky Ponting

“Ricky Ponting has urged the games governing body not to overdose on Twenty/20 cricket, I can’t take it seriously”

Australia has only played four games of this hit and giggle type of cricket so this will be their fifth game in two years when they play the Ashes loser tomorrow night at the Sydney cricket ground.

I confess I have never ever watched one but I may if it is televised as I live too far away from Sydney to go.

I have just read it was a Pommy idea from the start now that figures all the rules are changed dramatically in fact all in all it’s a stupid form of the game.

It also seems from this bloke’s writings it was played at the Rose Bowl I won’t comment further.

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