Clinton makes her run with a promise to talk to Americans

WITH the simple but blunt "I'm in" headline on her campaign website, Hillary Clinton not only declared her bid to become the first woman president of the United States, but triggered the true start of next year's presidential race.

Within minutes of Senator Clinton announcing she had formed an exploratory committee for her running for the presidency, the major television networks and news services flashed the news to millions of Americans.

This looks promising to me at least but then I am not an American but I reckon the USA has a better chance with Senator Clinton at the Helm than the present incumbent but what really is puzzling me is if she makes it and gets elected what about Bill who was also a president will he be known as the FIRST GENTLEMAN do you think now I never laughed when I typed that well I did have a little chuckle

I always liked Bill when he was a president to be honest but sorry Bill I just can’t help but chuckle at what you could be called.


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