A couple of items of interest maybe

My daughter finally showed up to do her voluntary cleaning

Yep she finally fronted up to clean my little unit which she says she does every two weeks lol this time was the first time since November 13 2006 so yeah I have been doing it myself of course.

What amazed me was the cold water she drank whilst here and after reading about it here I decided to blog it.

It appears it can be dangerous to drink too much H2O even though it has been recommended in the past and also the fact that our bodies are in the main water.

It is usually recommended to drink one and a half litres a day; more in hot weather.

This report was a silly stunt and the person in question died of water intoxication take note you heavy grog artists drink water and save cash if you want to get sloshed.

Way to go you reckon lol maybe the daughter had a hangover!! I tactfully refrained from mentioning that of course.

I mean it could be 2008 before she fronts again I wonder will she read this, Hmm hopefully not.


Whilst on the subject of ones children I had an amusing experience the other week whilst stopping at my son’s for the weekend; he was on one of his numerous trips away the Gold Coast this time some surfing or lifesaving thing or other.

So there I was with my laptop checking my mail and blog (what else) and a movement caught my eye sadly I did not have my camera (no batteries) and to amazement there was a huge Cane Toad sitting in the middle of the room.

Some info on this pest below.

These things are pests that are now spreading all over the country imported from Hawaii for the cane field’s worse thing the settlers here ever did apart from introducing the Rabbit.

Some info on these pests Cane toads naturally occur in the southern areas of the United States to South America. They were introduced to Australia in 1935 from Hawaii in an attempt to biologically control scarab beetles which were devastating sugar crops. Unfortunately, the ecologists of the time got it wrong, and the toads simply could not get high enough in order to feed on the beetles which continued to decimate crops as the toads made the most of favorable breeding conditions.

Off came my trusty thong (for the feet ok) and I really hoed into it and took it outside do you know it started to come alive after 10 minutes or so it seems they do this I was told needless to say I made good and sure it was dead the second time.

My wife had she been here would have just bolted yelling instructions to get rid of it but I guess we are used to them up here but they are poisonous on their backs I think .

Oh well as long as it wasn’t a carpet snake.

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